cold plunge for sports recovery

Importance of cold plunge for sports recovery

Rest and recovery are crucial components of any fitness regimen, particularly for elite athletes. Athletes must train hard to improve their overall strength and endurance. To do so, one must raise their mitochondrial level. Cold plunge therapy can improve athletic performance by increasing mitochondrial levels in the body. It also enables the athlete to heal both physically and psychologically.

Endurance athletes’ mitochondria play an essential role in the performance of their bodies. Mitochondria are microscopic organisms found inside muscles critical to endurance athletes’ training and racing performance. Whether a beginner or a professional athlete; mitochondria require proper maintenance and nutrition.

How mitochondria contribute to energy production :

Most athletes know the significance of oxygen and carbs. These elements, also known as substrates, are used by the mitochondria to produce the energy (product) that keeps the heart beating and muscles moving. This is one of the significant reasons why mitochondria are so crucial for sports recovery.

Moreover, recovery is an essential element of training because it helps to reduce the danger of overtraining and injury while also improving physical and mental readiness. It is essential during periods of rigorous training or competition to maintain a high level of performance. Because of its importance, several healing procedures, such as cold water immersion therapy, have been developed. Although taking an ice bath may sound difficult to do, it is one of the easiest and quickest strategies to speed up sports recovery.

Cold water immersion therapy has become a prominent rehabilitation method among sports scientists because it enhances recovery time and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness.

Cold plunge therapy is thought to be able to:

  • Reduce edemas
  • Decrease muscular soreness
  • Decrease the perception of fatigue
  • Alter localized blood flow with
  • Alter localized tissue and core temperature
  • Alter heart rate
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Reduce tissue inflammation
  • Reduce muscle damage
  • Improved range of motion

How Do cold plunges work?

Colder temperatures can reduce swelling and tissue disintegration. Muscle cells suffer a lot of damage during exercise and eventually grow due to the harm they have sustained. When muscles are submerged in cold water, the temperature causes blood vessels to contract. In part, cold plunges have been demonstrated to help drain waste materials like lactic acid out of the muscle tissues due to this restriction. Cold plunges can even lower cortisol levels in athletes’ saliva, which is a hormone linked to stress.

Furthermore, athletes’ perceptions of recovery have improved up to 72 hours after intense exercise when immersed in cold water. As a result, cold plunges may improve the recovery process. Athletes also reported higher overall well-being and lessened experiences of weariness and soreness 24 hours later. By using powerful cooling, filtration and sanitation, cold plunge benefits are noticeable.

Here are some FAQs to go through: 

How long should athletes stay in ice baths?

A 2016 meta-analysis of ice bath studies found that athletes experienced the best results after soaking in water temperatures between 10 and 15 °C (50 to 59 °F) for 10 to 15 minutes.

What are the advantages of cold therapy in the treatment of injuries?

Reduced muscular spasms are another advantage of cold therapy. Muscles surrounding the injury contract to protect it, a typical response to pain. Muscle guarding is a technique for preventing additional injury. Because ice relieves pain, the muscle relaxes due to the reduced discomfort.

Check out the Shark Tank 13 video, in which Robert Herjavec takes a cold plunge on television. He appreciates the affectability when he dives into 55-degree cold water. He observed that cold plunge therapy is useful in treating inflammation and assisting in the healing of sports injuries. Click on the following link to watch the video: 

Robert Herjavec Takes a Plunge in Cold Water – Shark Tank – YouTube


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