Styku advanced technology

Styku Advanced Technology :

The Styku Body Scanner employs 3D body measurement technology to determine body proportions and shape. Styku measurement devices are used by many doctors to help patients who are healing from accidents or who want to start a healthy weight-loss program. The advantages of a Styku 3D whole-body scan are limitless. Moreover, the Styku scan has a margin of error of 1%. It’s a simple option when considering alternative body fat measuring techniques like calipers, tape measures and Omron BMI testers, which have a margin of error ranging from 4% to 8%, with the tape measure having an even larger frequency of error.

Benefits of a Styku advanced technology : 

In seconds, Styku creates a 3D model from more than 600 infrared pictures. To analyze each body component in great depth, the 3D model may be rotated, panned and zoomed. Styku’s powerful feature recognition system discovers specific markers on the body (e.g. hip, bust point, etc.) that are utilized to extract circumferences, volume and surface areas for various body parts after a model is built.

In fact, only a single scan can collect millions of precise measurements to assist in making research-based decisions during a weight-loss and wellness journey. This cutting-edge technology employs a 3D camera that can scan the whole body in less than 35 seconds. The equipment is lightweight and portable, and it can detect any form changes. The following are some advantages of Styku technology:


As it analyzes the current physical condition, Optimal Training Styku, technology that works in conjunction with the Styku 3D scanner, is a powerful tool to examine current body fat composition, posture, and more. Many patients even share their results with their fitness trainers or coaches in order to keep track of their progress and determine where they should make changes to their existing health and fitness routines. The Styku 3D Scanner from Styku can assist in charting progress in an attempt to enhance health and wellness.


Interactive 3D before/after Viewer. Rotate, Pan, and Zoom to view the body from any angle.


 A body composition scan can be printed and emailed to the patient to allow for monitoring and faster wellness progress.


A full body examination can help a patient whether they already live an active and healthy lifestyle but are curious about their current physical status, or someone who is just starting a fitness and wellness journey. This device’s one-of-a-kind design makes it optimal for keeping track of progress as the body changes over time. Additionally, the Styku 3D Full Body Analysis allows one to determine if current strength training and cardio routines are producing results, allowing the user to make adjustments.


Understanding why we prefer 2D photography for everything else leads to an understanding of why 3D imaging is superior for a body scan. One can drastically change the outcome of a 2D snapshot by adjusting shadows and light, changing the hue, and, of course, employing creative angles. Although the camera can see everything, learning how to use these aspects appropriately allows the lens to be forgiving. 3D is stark, raw, and honest. 2D photographs are prone to lighting difficulties, which might alter results.


With less than 1% inaccuracy, 3D imaging extracts waist, hip, thigh, and other measurements. It creates fat-loss objectives and can calculate basal metabolic rate and calorie expenditure.

Some verifiable advantages include: 

  • A more realistic 3D depiction of the body
  • Calculates body fat percentage, BMI, body volume, and BMR
  • Calculates waist-to-hip ratio to aid in diagnosing certain diseases
  • Measures more than 20 locations on the body
  • Non-invasive and safe
  • Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels
  • Examines posture
  • Provides data that may be used for a variety of purposes, such as physical treatment, custom measures and more
  • Cost-effective
  • Tracks fat-loss targets
  • Monitors changing body form.
  • Monitors fitness levels
styku advanced technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Liv24 safely and effectively jumpstarts your fat loss and your healthy lifestyle. We use the latest research to optimize your internal and external environments and teach you how to stay healthy in our modern world. We tune up your internal engines, also known as mitochondria, and tap into your fat burning cells with circadian biology, controlled cold adaptation, and light. This leads to significant fat loss, energy, and a sense of wellbeing.

People with a diagnosed heart condition need to be cleared by their physician. Otherwise, there are no restrictions.

Yes, you can eat out but we encourage you to make wise choices. We offer you tools to help you stay on track for making healthy choices in a variety of restaurants. 

Absolutely. In order to keep your milk supply up while losing weight, you will need more calories. Our system does not involve caloric restrictions so you can continue to eat an abundance of healthy foods. 

No, the Liv24 program does not entail exercise in order to lose fat/weight. Our system focuses on burning fat from the inside by stimulating your mitochondria and brown fat in order to burn a massive amount of calories. However, regular physical activity is an important component to lifelong weight management, and overall health and wellness. So while not part of the program, at Liv24 we encourage our customers to achieve national health recommendations of 2-5 hours of moderately intense physical activity each week.

Yes! Our Liv24 Refer A Friend program is a great way for you, your friends, and family members to save while losing fat together! When you refer your friends through our Refer A Friend program, they will receive a Liv24 discount to save on their initial plan, and you’ll receive a reward, too! To learn more about how the Refer A Friend program works or to refer your friends, talk to our coaches. Remember—losing weight is more fun with a friend!

Vitamin supplementation may be recommended for some people. However, the Liv24 program is not supplement based. 

On the Liv24 program you will start burning fat starting with your first visit. Some people may notice considerable inch loss after the first two weeks to a month while some people may need up to 3 months before a drop in several dress sizes. 

At Liv24, we use advanced 3D imaging created by AI artificial intelligence to give the most accurate measurements of lean body mass and fat percentages. You will be able to see the results between scans as the fat melts off your body. You will notice that your regular clothes are becoming too big. Our system gets results up to 4x’s faster than diet and exercise.

Absolutely! Cold thermogenesis affects cellular energy and metabolic health which is beneficial for people with diabetes. 

No. Liv24 is not based on counting calories, dieting or any special food consumption or  pricey supplements. You can eat what you want and as much as you want of the healthy foods. We teach you when and what to eat to maximize your fat loss for long term success and provide you with a long list of healthy low glycemic foods to choose from. Low glycemic foods include:

  • high protein foods, such as lean meat and fish.
  • dairy products, such as milk and natural yogurt.
  • unsweetened soy and almond milk.
  • vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and leafy greens.
  • low-sugar fruits, such as apples, oranges, and blueberries.